DnA Keys are tuned to harmonics revolving around D 288hz and A 432hz, a combination which is resonant with the harmonic proportion of the human body as it creates a perfect 5th Harmonic. The perfect 5th is recognized to be one of the most effective ratios used in working with sound as a healing modality, as said by Dr. John Beaulieu one of the foremost philosophers and innovators of modern sound healing therapies.

Not only does D and A create a perfect 5th, If one examines the internal angles of a pentagram, you will find that they measure 36, 72, and 108 degrees – which are harmonic proportions of both D and A when utilizing 432hz based Pythagorean tuning methods. 72 becomes 144, which then becomes 288. 108 becomes 216, which in turn becomes 432.

The two geometric and musical harmonic proportions lead to a powerful combination which aligns with the harmonic design of human and natural bodies.


There are three main tuning styles for these instruments. Other novel tunings may be available and will be listed whenever they come to being:

Perfect 5th DnA Key – Tuned with D 288hz on one end and A 432hz on the other. LISTEN HERE

Delta DnA Key – Tuned to a D on both ends, with one off set by 3 hz to create a Delta binaural frequency. Delta is observed in deep states of meditation and regeneration. LISTEN HERE

Theta DNA Key – Tuned to an A on both ends, offset 6hz to create an Alpha Binaural frequency. Alpha waves are associated in the brain with states of relaxed awareness, as we slip into the subconscious mind. Listen here for similar LISTEN HERE


DnA Key

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